Length Conversion

inch [in]:
foot [ft]:
millimeter [mm]:
centimeter [cm]:
meter [m]:

Weight Conversion

ounce [oz]:
pound [lb]:
kilogram [kg]:
gram [g]:

Torque Conversion

ounce-force inch [ozf*in]:
pound-force inch [lbf*in]:
pound-force foot [lbf*ft]:
kilogram-force centimeter:
kilogram-force meter [kgf*m]:
newton millimeter [N*mm]:
newton centimeter [N*cm]:
newton meter [N*m]:

Current Conversion

milliampere [mA]:
ampere [A]:
kiloampere [kA]:

Angular Velocity Conversion

revolution/second [r/s]:
revolution/minute [r/min]:
revolution/hour [r/h]:
degree/second [°/s]:
degree/minute [°/min]:

In order to better serve our customers we’ve added several helpful conversion tables below.  If there is a conversion table not shown that you believe would be beneficial to the ServoCity community, please email your suggestions to marketing@servocity.com. 

Simply enter a number in any of the fields below and the rest of the category will be
auto-calculated for you.


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