We offer several types of pan, tilt and roll systems. Each is sold separately so you can build a customized system. There are tons of combinations to fit just about any application. These systems range from extremely fast, tremendously smooth to unbelievably powerful.  Many of these systems already have a great track record of being used in UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), mobile robots, motion pictures, various military devices and hobby applications.

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Tilt Systems (Closed Loop)

Pan Systems (Closed Loop)

Pan & Tilt Kits

Roll Attachments


Heavy-Duty Pans



PT-2100 Roll


Wired Controllers

Pan & Tilt Systems (Open Loop)

HS-5055MG P&T 1.7




PT-2100 with roll 1.7

The first thing you need to decide before purchasing your Pan & Tilt system, is whether you would prefer an Open Loop or Closed Loop system. Click on the link below to learn more about each type of operating system.

What type of system best fits your needs?

Pan Systems (Open Loop)

Belt Drive Pan System

Super Duty Belt Drive Pan System small

Pan & Tilt Systems (Closed Loop)

PT785-S System

PT-785SS main picture small

Worm Drive Gearbox

Super-Duty Pan System

MPT1100-SS System

Closed Loop and Open Loop - Click Here to learn more
MPT1100-SS system - small
SPG400 Bottom Mount Power Gearbox - Standard - small2
SPT400 small
PT-2100 and MPT1100-SS side by side compare

Gearmotor Gearbox

Gearmotor Gearbox small
MPT-2100DS package small

MPT2100-DS System

PT-2100 System

PT-2100 package small
4-MCJ 4 Channel Speed Controller - small

4 Motor Controller

Complete System

PT-2100-XL - small image

PT-2100-XL System

MPT2100-DS-XL System - small


MPT2100-DS Roll Attachment - small

MPT2100-DS Roll

Our popular PT-2100 and MPT1100-SS open loop pan and tilt systems shown side by side for size comparison. The PT-2100 (left) is intended for cameras up to 40 pounds. The MPT1100-SS (right) is designed for cameras up to 6 pounds. 

Our New GoPro Hero Mount Kit is lightweight, simple and versatile!
Learn more

P785SD - thumbnail
585518 kit - thumbnail



DDP155 1.7




(4” Servo Drive Tilt)

(6” Servo Drive Tilt)

(4” Gearmotor Drive Tilt)

(6” Gearmotor Drive Tilt)

DDT540 tilt system (3)
DDT560 tilt (6)



Tilt Systems (Open Loop)

DDT540 thumbnail
DDT560 thumbnail
DDP125 with clamping hub - thumbnail
WDG30P Gearbox - thumbnail
GoPro Mount with Worm Drive Gearbox (4)
585518 kit on tube top

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