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Adding to our large selection of tubes and accessories, we’ve now added Parallel Tube Clamps. These aluminum tube clamps currently come in 5 sizes: ¼” bore, 3/8” bore, ½” bore, 5/8” bore and 1” bore; with additional metric sizes soon to follow. The aluminum construction makes the clamps lightweight, without compromising strength and holding power. Each clamp includes a 6-32 socket head machine clamping bolt that requires a 7/64” hex key (sold separately). The 6-32 tapped mounting holes allow easy connection to other Actobotics™ components. Whether you’re building a rover, 3D printer, robotic arm or a custom DIY project, these clamps are a handy for all kinds of applications!

Hex Key Group 1.7

These clamp requires a 7/64” Hex Key
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0.250 Parallel Tube Clamp1
0.375 Parallel Tube Clamp1
0.500 Parallel Tube Clamp1
0.625 Parallel Tube Clamp1
585434 - small
Parallel Tube Clamps with angle brackets and channel
Parallel Tube Clamps with shaft
Parallel Tube Clamps with tube (angle view)

1/4” bore

3/8” bore

1/2” bore

1” bore

5/8” bore

2 tubes with tube clamps and hub clamps

Two 1” bore tube clamps shown attaching aluminum tubing together using the 1” bore clamping hub B.

Two 1/2” clamps with aluminum tubing shown attached to angle brackets.

585434 on aluminum tube1
Parallel Tube Clamps with tube (side view)

These clamps also work great with shafting! Two 1/2” bore clamps are shown above with a piece of stainless steel 1/2” shafting.

Parallel Tube Clamp with tube and cap

Shown with a Rubber End Cap

0.250 Parallel Tube Clamp (2)

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#585434 STEP FILE

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Parallel Tube Clamps
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