• Adjustable Framework
• Aluminum Hollow Shafts
• 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction (Anodized)
• 48 Pitch Gear Drive
• Precision HS-785HB Servos
• 4.8-6.0 Volt Operation
• Fully Assembled

• Pan & Tilt System
• Servos (2)
• Servo Extension (1)
• Surface Mounting Plate








Closed Loop - Click here to learn more
PT785-S Plate Schematics
PT785-S schematics

Controller Options

4 Servo Recorder

Dual Servo Driver

8-Servo PC Controller

Joystick Controller

Dual Servo Driver 902MSD small
Playback Recorder NEW with servos small
8-SCB attached 1.7
Tactic Transmitter 1.7




Works great with Canon 5D and 7D series cameras

MPT1100-SS & PT785-S bottom plate

Bottom Plate Dimensions

Introducing the point and shoot PT785-S pan and tilt system.  This precision, closed-loop system is designed to manipulate cameras and devices up to 6 lbs even though the entire head weighs a mere 1.85lbs. Each axis is driven by a Hitec HS-785HB servo.  The stock Hitec servo can rotate several turns in factory form (approximately 4 turns on most Tx/Rx systems; up to 8 turns given a 650-2350usec signal).  When the servo is coupled to the 3.8:1 ratio (stock ratio on the PT785-S) the amount of rotation is decreased by the ratio but the torque and precision is increased by the ratio.  In the stock configuration, each axis will rotate approximately 400 degrees given a standard (1050-1950usec) PWM signal.  Each axis utilizes a 1” diameter hollow aluminum shaft supported by ABEC-5 precision ball bearings to allow  video and power wires to be routed through the points of rotation.  The framework is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized.  This system is a simple plug and play with any of our controllers listed below.  Perfect for still photography, amateur videography, security applications or even antenna tracking stations.  The PT785-S can easily be mounted to various jib-cranes in the hanging or upright position using the JM-1100 jib mounting kit (sold separately).  Balancing your camera or device is easy using the vertical slide adjustment.  Controller, power supply, and servo extension leads sold separately.  Manufactured in the USA. Cameras shown in below images are not included. (Patented)
When using a micro-controller that can provide any desired PWM signal range, you can increase precision by swapping the stock 3.8:1 ratio for a 7:1 ratio which consists of a #615226 hub gear mated with a #615274 servo gear. Even with the 7:1 ratio, 360+ degrees is achievable given the appropriate PWM range.  For questions, email

Wireless PT785-S

Balancing your camera is easy using the vertical slide adjustment.

Upright or hanging position

You can make this system wireless by plugging the servos into a receiver and powering the system via 4.8 ~ 6V battery. This will allow you to control the pan and tilt head with a transmitter.

We suggest using a Tactic Tx (receiver included).

Just 1.8 pounds!

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Click here to watch a video of the PT785-S Pan & Tilt System in action!

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PT785-S Pan & Tilt System
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