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6EXAS (2.4GHz)

(6 Channel)

7CA (2.4GHz)

(7 Channel)

If you cannot afford to have that occasional “glitch”, take a look at the new 2.4GHz Futaba Systems.

7CH (2.4GHz)

(7 Channel)

10CAG (2.4GHz)

(10 Channel)

10CAG 1.7
10CHG 1.7

10CHG (2.4GHz)

(10 Channel)

4YF Transmitter 2.4GHz Tx front 1.5

4YF (2.4GHz)

(4 Channel)

Aurora 9 (2.4GHz)

(9 Channel)

Aurora Tx 1.7
Tactic Small Logo
Tactic Transmitter 1.7

X404 (2.4GHz)

(4 Channel)

Optic 5 small

Optic 5 (2.4GHz)

(5 Channel)

Optic 6 Sport (2.4GHz)

(6 Channel)

Optic 6 Sport 2.4 small
Eclipse 7 Pro small

Eclipse 7 Pro (2.4GHz)

(7 Channel)

Aurora 9X - thumbnail

Aurora 9X (2.4GHz)

(9 Channel)

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