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1/4"-20 Low-Profile Socket Head Machine Screw (Black-Oxide)

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Low Profile Socket Head Machine Screws

For use where space is limited, these screws have heads that are about half the height of a standard socket head. Not recommended for high-strength fastening.  These screws are heat treated, have a black-oxide finish and exceed Grade 8 standards. Machined from high-strength alloy steel with a Rockwell hardness of C39 and a minumum tensile strength of 140,000 psi.  

1/4"-20 Low-Profile Socket Head Machine Screw (Black-Oxide)
92220A1820.375" (3/8")
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92220A1830.500" (1/2")
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92220A1840.625" (5/8")
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92220A1850.750" (3/4")
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Material Alloy Steel
Finish Black-Oxide
Head Style Socket (Low-Profile)
Head Diameter 0.375"
Thread Size 1/4"-20
Drive Style 1/8” Hex Key

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