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17mm Hex Hub Wheel Adaptor (2 pack)

  • shown attached to a set screw hub and a stainless D-shaft
  • shown attached to a clamping hub and a stainless steel shaft
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This product has been discontinued.

This wheel adaptor allows you to adapt 17mm hex drive wheels to our .770” hub pattern. The recessed .770” pattern allows you to run 6-32 socket head screws into any .770” hub or component that utilizes the .770” hub pattern. Each pack consists of two (2) aluminum mounts, (2) #8 washers, and (2) 8-32 x 1/2” truss head screws.  The 17mm adaptors will work with both our 0.770” Clamping & Set Screw Hubs.  



Product Weight 0.75 oz (set)
Material Aluminum

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