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2mm Heat Shrink Tubing

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This product has been discontinued on ServoCity.  This is a 39pc bundle pack of 2mm, environmentally friendly, flexible, flame retardant, heat shrink tubing. The shrink ratio is 2:1. Heat shrink provides electrical insulation and protects in-line components, disconnect terminals and splices with its high strength and excellent resilience. It’s also great for Identifying or color-coding wires, cables, terminals and components.


Meets: SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 & 3, Sony-SS-00259
Series: Q2-F
RoHS Compliant

Material Polyolefin (PO)
Length 152.4mm
Initial ID 2mm
Shrink Ratio 2:1
Shrink Temperature 70°C min.
Operating Temperature -55°C to +135°C
Longitudinal Shrinkage 0 ± 5%

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