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6-32 Button Head Hex Drive Screws

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Stainless Steel Hex Drive Rounded Head Screws

These button head screws have good chemical resistance and may be mildly magnetic. Length is measured from under the head.

6-32 Button Head Hex Drive Screws
97763A3250.1875" (3/16")
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97763A1410.250" (1/4")
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97763A4030.3125" (5/16")
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97763A1420.375" (3/8")
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97763A1430.500" (1/2")
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97763A3270.625" (5/8")
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97763A3280.750" (3/4")
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Material Steel
Finish Black-Oxide
Head Style Button
Head Diameter 0.262"
Thread Size 6-32
Thread Type Full Thread
Drive Style Hex

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