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20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $20

December 12, 2017
20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $20

Tis' the season when we're all scrabbling to find that perfect gift for our friends and family.  If you're still on the hunt here are 20 of our favorite gifts for under $20.

  • HS-311 Servo - The HS-311 sport servo provides the novice modeler all the performance and reliability you would expect to find in a more expensive servo. Combined with precise resin gears and SMT circuitry, the HS-311 represents a remarkable value in today's R/C market.
  • Helping Hand w/Magnifer - This is the perfect tool for helping solder small wires or circuit boards. Both the spring loaded clamps and the magnifier can articulate and tighten. Heavy base ensures a steady workplace. A must for any hobby tool chest.
  • SPT50 Sub-Micro Pan & Tilt Kit - If you're looking to mount a micro camera to a park-flyer airplane or a small robot, the SPT50 is the unit you need. The pan utilizes 48 pitch gears with a 2:1 ratio to overdrive the pan shaft for 180°+ rotation. The tilt offers 90°+ degrees of motion. Assembly only takes 5 minutes.
  • Actobotics® X-Rail - The Actobotics X-Rail extrusion compliments the already extensive building system. The ‘X’ profile provides a slot in the center of each of the four sides to capture X-Rail Mounts and solidly fasten components anywhere along the rail. While that would exhaust the ingenuity of other brands of extrusion, the Actobotics X-Rail has other key features that increase the versatility. The corners have been radiused so that the X-rail has a 1" diameter - this means you can install it into a 1" bearing and use it as an axle or you can even use 1" clamps to fasten components at any point along the rail and at any angle.   Available in lengths from 1.32" - 48".
  • Clamping D-Hubs - Clamping D-hubs are a fantastic solution for transferring power from a shaft to the hub.  While conventional clamping hubs with a cylindrical bore rely solely on clamping force to keep the hub from slipping on the shaft, the new D-hubs have a D-shaped bore to perfectly match a D-shaft of the same diameter.  
  • Sprout Runt Rover™The Runt Rover collection of unique kits spark creativity and imagination. They are fun, affordable, durable and snap together quickly! They can easily be expanded with our continually growing Actobotics line. Whether you’re an experienced roboticist or new hobbyist, these are great for a variety of applications.
  • Econ Gear Motors - These motors offer a wide range of RPMs (from 19 RPM to 970 RPM) at an affordable price!
  • Low Voltage Cutoff Switch - It's important to protect your LiPo batteries from being drained below 3V/cell and our Low Voltage Cutoff Switch does just that. This switch has 3 modes; 1S, 2S or 3S and it simply passes the voltage on from the battery to the load (motor controller, ESC, servo controller, light, etc.) until the battery meets the cutoff voltage.  Whether you are powering a microcomputer like a Raspberry Pi, a microcontroller like an Arduino or an RC vehicle, our Low Voltage Cutoff Switch takes away one of the main challenges of working with LiPo batteries.
  • Pin Crimpers - Our pin crimpers are now offered to customers! These heavy duty production crimpers are designed to not only crimp servo male and female connector pins but also larger pins for power wires and battery leads. The ratchet drive also holds the crimpers in place for those of you that like to not only crimp the wire but also solder them for low power resistance.
  • Mini Channel Bundle - Save 18% when you buy a bundle pack of Mini Channel that includes one of each length we offer!  
  • Aluminum Robot Shocks - Our 130mm, oil-filled, aluminum shocks are the perfect solution for incorporating a suspension setup into your Actobotics project! The shock body is threaded so that you can adjust the spring tension simply by rotating the spring perch. Progressive rate springs allow you to dial-in just the right amount of pressure. Both ends incorporate a 0.140” bore ball swivel so that you can mount the shocks at various angles for smooth operation without binding.
  • 4.8V 600mAh NiCAD Flat Pack Futaba OEM Battery - Futaba original equipment battery. This is the battery that comes standard with most Futaba radio systems.
  • 5.2" and 5.4" Off-Road Tires - These are a customer favorite and are the tires we use in many of our robot kits!
  • PWM Meter - Need to know what PWM signal your receiver, robot or servo controller is sending? Simply plug in our PWM Meter to see a readout of the PWM signal in microseconds (µsec). If you wish to pass that signal on to your servo or device, just plug into the other set of header row pins.
  • HS-55 Servo - The HS-55 set the standard for affordable performance, offering precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service! Featured in a hundred model aircraft reviews worldwide, the HS-55 is your best choice when it comes to controlling ”smaller” Electric’s and Park Flyers.
  • Micro Gear Motors - Although these micro gear motors have a footprint comparable to a micro-size servo and tip the scales at only 0.3oz, they are incredibly powerful. All-metal gears ensure the motor will hold up in even the harshest applications.
  • 50.0" Super Duty Standard Wire - Our heavy duty 22awg servo wire is great for standard servos up to digital and 1/4 scale servos.
  • Parallel Gripper Kit A - The Parallel Gripper Kit A is a simple, durable, and versatile kit that is great for all kinds of robotic applications.
  • Actobotics® Hardware Pack B - With three of our most popular screw lengths as well as compatible 6-32 stainless steel nuts, this kit offers a great selection of hardware to get your project started! The included ball-end style hex key makes it easy to work in tight places.
  • 3.6V - 7.2V NiCAD / NiMH Peak Charger - This charger is perfect for slow charging of your 3.6 to 7.2V NiCAD or NiMH battery packs. Peak detection ensures that your battery reaches full charge.
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