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4 Methods for Driving Linear Motion

February 17, 2017
4 Methods for Driving Linear Motion

This past year we've released a number of linear motion components helpful in designing your projects.  We've also received lots of questions, so we decided to do a two part series on it.  So, sit back, relax, grab a bag of popcorn because Kyle and Jason break down some common methods for driving linear motion. 

From lead screws, to actuators, to gear racks and more, Kyle and Jason help explain various methods for driving linear motion and when and why each one would be ideal for your build.  Below are some additional helpful videos we've released related to linear motion.  Stay tuned for Part 2....

In the Tech Tip video above, Kyle and Jason mention three other videos you might find helpful when working on your builds.

Rail Racer - Kyle and Jason talk about the Actobotics® Tube Rollers and settle an engineering squabble with a little V-rail Jousting!

Linear Servos vs. Linear Actuators - Gain a better understanding of the differences and applications of linear servos and linear actuators.

Comparing Threaded Rods and Lead Screws - Jason explains the benefits of lead screws and threaded rods and under what circumstances to use each.

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