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6 Servos that Won't Disappoint!

October 31, 2017
6 Servos that Won't Disappoint!

"Which servo should I use for my project?" - is a question we are asked on a daily basis. This is a hard question to answer as it strongly depends on your application and numerous other factors.   However, we've compiled a short list of go-to's among the hundreds of servos we offer - whether it's price, performance or even uniqueness.  Let's take a closer look....

  1. HS-485HB
    Designed with long-lasting Karbonite gears and a ball-bearing supported output shaft to reduce friction.  Excellent performance at an entry level price.
  2. HS-645MG
    The powerful HS-645MG is the highest torque standard size analog servo offered by Hitec.  Utilizes metal gears for high-impact applications.
  3. HS-785HB
    The HS-785HB servo is unique due to its ability to rotate nearly eight rotations while retaining positioning feedback!
  4. HS-805MG
    The HS-805MG servo is the beefed up version of the legendary 805BB monster servo!  Designed with metal gears and 343 oz-in of torque.
  5. HSR-2645CRH
    The standard size servo with continuous rotation. Its linear, proportional speed control makes this an excellent choice for compact camera control setups. 
  6. HSB-9380TH
    This servo is a brushless beast!  It's Neu brushless motor, titanium gears and low current consumption provide tremendous durability and longer run-times between charges.
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