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Building Your Own Robot!

November 16, 2015
Building Your Own Robot!

“My six year old has been into robots lately,” mentioned Dallas, “so I figured hey lets make one. So I found this one on instructables and she’s all fired up to build it.”  Thus, their web controlled robot began.

What do you call your robot?

AGF4. Allison came up with the name, she wanted it to be similar to some other famous robots such as R2D2 and C3P0.

Building your own robot 1

How long did it take to build?  

It took about a month to build from start to finish. We’d try to work on it a little bit each night after school.

Building your own robot 2

What difficulties/challenges did you run into while designing/building?  

We started off following the instructions that we found for the robot on instructables. Where things got difficult was when the instructions didn’t have all of the steps we needed to complete the project. At the time it was very frustrating and I (Dallas) vowed to rewrite and republish step by step detailed instructions. After we got it finished and I slept on it, what occurred to me was that the instructions were actually perfect the way they were. If they were step by step we wouldn’t have learned nearly as much as we did by having to troubleshoot issues ourselves.

What went well?  

It was a great collaboration and great family project that we all got into! As we’ve told/shown folks our robot along the way, everyone was always really interested and supportive!

What inspired you to build it? Where did you get the idea?

Allison went to a LEGO robot camp this summer and loved it! After that we started looking for a project that we could build at home to keep her interest in robots alive.  Instructables proved to be a great resource!

What was our favorite part about this project?

Dallas: My favorite part of the project is that it accomplished my goal of getting Allison engaged in an area of science and technology.

Allison: That I got to work with my dad on building a cool robot.

Building your own robot 3

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