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Can your servo handle this?!

March 23, 2017
Can your servo handle this?!

ServoBlocks™ are a hands-down ServoCity favorite. These servo exoskeletons bear the brunt of radial load to level up your servo to near super hero status. Mounting a ServoBlock™ is simple - the Actobotics pattern can be found on both sides as well as the top so that it can integrate with any other part in the Actobotics building system with ease! And you can't deny how 'trick' the fully machined aluminum pieces look. Be sure to check out the video below where we put these exoskeletons to the test.

We offer ServoBlocks™ for standard size 24 tooth and 25 tooth spline servos as well as for the popular Hitec large size servos such as the HS-785HB sail winch servo.  Each variation has two options - Hub-Shaft or Plain Shaft.
Hub Shaft - the servo shaft we supply with this kit has a flange at the top with eight threaded holes to attach anything to.  It's sleek, low profile and has a minimalist approach to finishing out a ServoBlock™.
Plain Shaft - the servo shaft we supply with this kit is a consistent (0.50") diameter all the way to the end.  Grab a 0.50" clamping hub to finish the kit off.  Using a clamping hub allows you to easily 'clock' the attachment, set the deck height or even disassemble sections of your assembly with ease.
Kyle gives a further in depth look at each style and their advantages.  
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