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NEW Flexible & Heavy Duty Clamping Shaft Couplers!

May 18, 2018
NEW Flexible & Heavy Duty Clamping Shaft Couplers!

We're excited to introduce our new Heavy Duty Clamping Shaft Couplers and Flexible Clamping Shaft Couplers!  

Flexible Clamping Shaft Couplers provide an excellent way to transfer rotational motion between two shafts that have the potential for a slight misalignment. The design of the flexible clamping shaft couplers provides excellent accuracy as no backlash is introduced into the system - perfect for high precision projects using stepper motors or encoders.

Heavy Duty Clamping Shaft Couplers were created for demanding applications where a regular shaft coupler just won't do. These HD couplers are longer for added surface area and contain two 6-32 pinch bolts on each end of the coupler to maximize the clamping force. A relief cut has been made between the two ends of the coupler in order to allow each end to tighten down independently.

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