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Strengthening Actobotics Channel

May 9, 2017
Strengthening Actobotics Channel

In our latest Tech Tip video Jason shares four quick and easy ways to strengthen or box in your Actobotics channel.  

Option 1 - Use 1.32" long standoffs which fit perfectly inside our channel

Option 2 - Dual Side Mount E which have the channel pattern mounted into it.  These make it easy to remove the pattern plate boxing in your channel.

Option 3 - Two pieces of channel connected back to back.  All you need are the two channels, screws and nuts creating a nice rigid setup while still maintaing really easy access to the insides of the channel.

Option 4 - The most durable, rigid setup that we use is boxing the channel end to end using Channel Connector Plates and using standoffs on the inside.  We've used this style of setup to build motorcycles and bikes to ride on.

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