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Understanding Servo Gearbox Rotation

July 17, 2017
Understanding Servo Gearbox Rotation

We offer a variety of servo gearboxes and although they may appear the same, they function differently.  Kyle goes through each style of gearbox and when they would be ideal for specific projects.

Channel Gearboxes: Designed to mount inside Actobotics Channel. Great for robotic arms and projects that have limited space. 1/2" output shaft.

Top Flange Gearboxes: Designed to be flush mounted with the tabs protruding from the top plane of the gearbox. Excellent for R/C sailboats. 3/8" output shaft.

Bottom Flange Gearboxes: Designed to be mounted to a flat surface with the bottom flanges. Great for FPV antenna trackers and base gearboxes on robotic arms. 3/8" output shaft.

Square Tube Gearboxes: Sleek, rectangular profile with mounting options on the ends and sides. 1/2" output shaft (1" shaft available on some models).

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