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What would you build contest
Have a great idea?  Needing some help getting started?  For a limited time we're running our "What Would You Build?" Contest  The rules/steps are pretty simple.  For this contest tell us about a project you want to build and you may get the parts for free to bring that project into reality!

  1. Submit your project idea via the application below.  Tell us about the project you intend to build.
  2. We'll review submissions and select the WINNER(s)!
  3. We ship the winner(s) the Actobotics parts they requested needed to build their project.
  4. Build your project and share it with the community!

Below are the few rules should your project be selected:

  • Your project must be completed by May 1st.
  • You must create an instructable for your project and share the link with us.
  • You must include a video of your project in action.

Can't wait to see your ideas!  Apply below by the April 6th DEADLINE.

Take a look at a few of our Past Contests .

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