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These past couple seasons we've awarded ten $1,000 Actobotics Sponsorships to FTC teams each season. This year we've awarded $500 sponsorships to 20 teams. $500 will go a long ways, especially when combined with your 25% off Actobotics team discount! The application is closed at this time. (Deadline was September 30, 2017.)  Please join us in congratulating this season's Actobotics FTC Team Sponsorship awardees!

  • Team 13669 Raiderbots
  • Team 6700 X-BOTS
  • Team 11347 CircuitRunners
  • Team 4318 Green Machine Reloaded
  • Team 12994 Wonder Woman
  • Team 7516 Uranium 235
  • Team 9956 The Knack
  • Team 12783 Norwalk RoboWarriors
  • Team 13075 Coram Deo Academy Robotics
  • Team 13467 Lyrics and Logic
  • Team 12551 Natural Disasters
  • Team 12158 Roblobs
  • Team 12878 Supernova Robotics
  • Team 12535 Revolutionary Robots
  • Team 12938 Washington General's Robotics
  • Team 12616 Mecha Knights
  • Team 11199 Forge
  • Team 11442 Blackbird
  • Team 9804 Bomb Squad
  • Team 3736 Serious Business

The program is currently closed.  All kits have been awarded at this time.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about other opportunities we'll have this coming FTC season!

We realize there are many costs associated with your team, but especially for those starting your very first season which is why we created our BRAND NEW Actobotics Rookie Program for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams. For a limited time we gave away FREE Actobotics FTC Competition Kits (pictured above) to rookie FTC teams. The 2017-2018 season must be your first season participating in FTC to be considered for one of these sponsorships. Don't worry, if you're not rookies we still have opportunities for your team - keep reading below to learn about additional team sponsorships. 


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