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Our FTC Actobotics Team Sponsorships for the 2018-2019 season has closed!  This year we're awarding $500 sponsorships to 20 teams. $500 will go a long ways, especially when combined with your 25% off Actobotics team discount!  Please join us in congratulating this season's awardees.  

francis fury
FTC Team 15335
Francis Fury

Autonomous of Olympus
FTC Team 14321
Automatons of Olympus 1.0

ace of spades
FTC Team 10428
Ace of Spades


Bham Bots
3d robotics
FTC Team 13369
3D Robotics
Lunar Landers
FTC Team 15403

Lunar Landers
The Antidote
FTC Team 14320
The Antidote
east rankin robotics
FTC Team 8803
East Rankin Robotics
Infinity Angles
FTC Team 6564
Infinity Angles
Truckee Tales
FTC Team 13728
Truckee Talos
Tennessee Robotics Club
FTC Team 11161
Tennessee Robotics Club
Event Horizon
FTC Team 13017
Event Horizon
Gear Up
FTC Team 12499
Gear Up
Vier Left
FTC Team 9790
Vier Left
FTC Team 15153
FTC Team 7120
FTC Team 5098

FTC Team 14671 Spontaneous Hypothermia (not pictured)
FTC Team 14615 Turbo Charged (not pictured)
FTC Team 13401 EctoFlex (not pictured)

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