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Futaba Style Heavy Duty Wiring Assortment Pack (28pc)

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This asstortment pack contains a variety of 22AWG extensions, harnesses and leads that are incredibly useful when building an R/C vehicle, wiring up your robot or giving life to a custom creation.  The connectors are commonly referred to in the R/C market as 'Futaba style' given Futaba was one of the heavy hitters from the beginning.  This Futaba style connector has an indexing tab on one side of the male end to eliminate the chance of plugging the wires in backwards.  Many R/C receivers and servo controllers have accounted for this tab so that it's able to plug in without modification, however there are some connectors that are void of this tab and may require you to trim it off to be compatible.  

Part Number Qty Description
FSL2206J 2 6" Super Duty Female Servo Lead (Futaba)
FSL2212J 2 12" Super Duty Female Servo Lead (Futaba)
MSL2204J 2 4" Super Duty Male Servo Lead (Futaba)
MSL2206J 2 6" Super Duty Male Servo Lead (Futaba)
MSL2212J 2 12" Super Duty Male Servo Lead (Futaba)
SY2206J 2 6" Super Duty Y-Harness (Futaba)
SY2212J 2 12" Super Duty Y-Harness (Futaba)
SY2218J 2 18" Super Duty Y-Harness (Futaba)
SY2224J 2 24" Super Duty Y-Harness (Futaba)
SE2206J 2 6" Super Duty Extension (Futaba)
SE2212J 2 12" Super Duty Extension (Futaba)
SE2218J 2 18" Super Duty Extension (Futaba)
SE2224J 2 24" Super Duty Extension (Futaba)
SE2236J 2 36" Standard Extension (Futaba)
SE2248J 2 48" Standard Extension (Futaba)

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