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Hitec X1 MF Multi-Function Charger

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This product has been discontinued.  Economically priced and portable, the Hitec X1 MF Multifunction is a single port, compact charger that has a rotary dial design for effortless operation and intuitive menu navigation. The X1 MF Multifunction's innovative features include a built-in motor RPM and servo tester. The universal balancing board supports most batteries on the market. Upgradeable firmware ensures you can keep it up to date as battery technologies evolve. The X1 MF is truly the one for beginner and sport level electric airplane and helicopter pilots and racers looking for convenience and reliability.

A. Universal Balance Board
B. AC Power Cord
C. T-Type Battery Connector
D. DC Power Cord
E. Battery Clamps

Special Features:

    • Single 80-watt / 10-amp Charge 
    • Charge All Battery Types including Lithium, NiCd/NiMH and Lead-Acid
    • Built in Brushless Motor RPM tester
    • Built-in Servo Tester
    • USB PC Control Interface
    • Upgradeable Firmware
    • Optimized Operating Software
    • Fast & Storage Modes for Lithium Batteries

NiCd / NiMH Cell Capacity: 1-15 cells
LiPo / LiFe / Li-Ion Cell Capacity: 1-6 cells

Standard Battery Parameters1

Product Weight 18.5 oz (1.16 lbs)
Dimensions 18.5 oz (1.16 lbs)
Number of Charge Ports 2
Battery Types Lithium, NiCd/NiMH and Lead-Acid
Input Supply Voltage Range AC Input 100-240V / DC Input 11-18V
Charging Current 0.1 - 10.0A (80W DC or 50W AC max)
Discharging Current 0.1- 5A (10W max)

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