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HPP-21 Servo Programmer

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The HPP-21 allows you to easily check any servo brand’s servo performance by using servo test functions and set most for the programmable parameters of Hitec digital servo types as noted below. This unit is a must have for those using Hitec digital servos in various applications. You will need a 4.8 - 6.0V battery with a servo connection to operate this programmer.

The HPP-21 will program the following features of these Hitec digital servos:

  • All HS-7XXX G2 servos: Fully programmable, including OLP Rate and high resolution adjustments.
  • Some HS-5XXX types servos: Fully programmable Feather and Micro Digital servos including OLP Rate; excluding high resolution adjustment function (HS-5055, 5056, 5082, 5085)
  • Other HS-5XXX type servos: All features are programmable except OLP Rate and high resolution adjustment functions.

The HPP-21 does not come from Hitec with an interface cable. The HPP-21 Interface Cable is the correct cable you will need. If you have your own cable, make sure that it is 3 feet or less in length. USB Mini-B to USB.


Fail Safe on/off
Direction of rotation
Resolution Setup (G2 Hitec Servos Only)
Travel Speed
Center, End and Fail Safe Point
Dead Band Width
OLP Rate (Overload Protection Rate, G2 Hitec Servos)
“Save and Open” File Options
Reset Servo to Factory Default Program

programmer table

Product Weight .028 lbs
Interface Styles Computer
Servo Compatibility HS-7XXX G2 servos / Some HS-5XXX types servos / Other HS-5XXX type servos
Input Supply Voltage Range 4.8V - 6.0V


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