1 in bore tubing with quad pillow blocks
gearmotor with clamping hub and 1 inch bore tubing
SPG785A-CM with tube and clamp hub

The 1” Bore Aluminum Clamping Hub B is perfect for standard applications that require 1” shafting and great holding power. This clamping hub has 4 equally spaced #6 thru holes. The side clamping machine screw is a 6-32 x 1/2” socket head machine screw and accepts a 7/64” hex key








.770 - 1.50 Hub Adaptor - small (100px)

To make these hubs compatible with our 0.770” hub pattern, use our 1.50” x 0.770” Hub Adaptor.

770 pattern
1.50 pattern
545354 Schematic
545354 3D Drawings
545354 - 1 inch bore clamping hub
2 tubes with tube clamps and hub clamps
2 tubes with ball bearings and tube clamp
545354 with tubes and screw plates
Hex Key Group 1.7

This clamp requires a 7/64” Hex Key
(click here)

Two 1” bore tube clamps shown attaching aluminum tubing together using the 1” bore clamping hub B.

Two 1” bore hubs shown attached to bearing plates and 1” bore aluminum tubing with
6-32 socket head screws.

motor mounted to tubing
Wheel drive mechanism
servo with shaft coupler between tubing
gearmotor with tubing - hubs - shaft - flat bracket
1 in bore tubing with clamping hubs and quad hub mounts
motor mounted to tubing with clamp hubs and 555124
1 inch bore clamping hub B with dual side mounts

This hub uses 6-32 socket head machine screws (sold separately) click here

6-32 screw group
90 quad hub mount structure - channel - clamp hub - tubing
1 inch bore tube clamp A with wheel
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Weight: 0.45 oz (each)

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(4) #6 thru-holes for mounting

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1" Bore Clamping Hub B (545354)
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