Operating Range: 3-12VDC
Torque @ Max Efficiency: 309 oz-in.@12VDC
Torque @ Stall: 1,497 oz-in.@12VDC
Gear train damage can occur if stalled (locked)
.240” (6mm) Diameter Shaft
No load current: 45mA
No load current @ Max Efficiency: 95mA (12V)
No load speed: 2 RPM
No load speed @ Max Efficiency: 1.59 RPM
Gear ratio: 1500:1
Motor size: 1.30"Dia. x 1.03"L
Gear size: 1.45"Dia. x 1.23"L
Shaft size: 0.24" (6mm) Dia. x 0.715"L
Weight: 0.3063 lbs. (4.9 oz.)
DC reversible motors
Solder type terminal
High torque construction
Oil bearing design for long service life
Insulation resistance: 10 MOhm
Dielectric Strength: 300VDC

Stall Torque is the torque which is produced by a motor when the output rotational speed is zero, it may also mean the torque load that causes the output rotational speed of a motor to become zero - ie to cause stalling.
Electric motors continue to provide torque when stalled. However, electric motors left in a stalled condition are prone to overheating and possible damage since the current flowing is maximum under these conditions.

Gearmotor Accessories

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Shaft Hubs

Mounting Screws

Motor Mounts

Power Supplies

ESC-7.2-24 1.5
Gearmotor Gearbox 1

Need more power or slower speed than this gearmotor produces? Simply put the gearmotor on this page into our new gearmotor gearbox. This unit includes an 8.45:1 gear reduction and ultra smooth 48 pitch metal gears. The 3/8” diameter stainless steel shaft is supported by precision dual ball bearings. The rigid frame is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized black and weighs only 14.4oz. (not including gearmotor). Six outer .140” diameter holes on the frame accept #6 screws for mounting. Includes a 203 tooth aluminum spur gear and a 6mm bore 24 tooth pinion gear. The 3/8” bore hub is tapped for 5-40 machine screws to easily mount various attachments. The frame will easily support 150 pound both vertically and horizontally. Click on the gearbox picture for more information.

Controller Options

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Proportionally varying the speed of your gearmotor is very easy. A digital speed control can precisely vary the speed of your gearmotor both forward and reverse when coupled with one of the five servo controllers shown below.

4YF Transmitter 2.4GHz Tx front 1.5
New 902MSD 1.7 small
8-SCB attached 1.7
Playback Recorder NEW 1.7 small
Single Stick Joystick 1.7

Wireless Control

Dial Control

Computer Control

Recordable Control

Joystick Control

Power Switch

275-709 1.7 small

If you are simply needing to operate your gearmtor from a switch, click on the picture of the switch at the right.

275-709 1.2
Gearmotor with endcap 1.7


Gearmotor End Cap

Sprockets & Chain

Control Arms



 309* oz-in. (12VDC)


 2 RPM (12VDC)

* Stalling this gearmotor could cause gear damage.

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2 RPM Gear Motor
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