gearmotor driving 4 inch HD wheel 2

Operating Range: 6-12 VDC
Torque @ Stall: 1,111 oz-in.@12VDC
Gear train damage can occur if stalled (locked)
- Stall Current: 1.0 Amp @ 12VDC
No load current: 80mA
No load speed: 6 RPM
Gear ratio: 500:1
Motor size: 1.355" Dia. x 1.70"L
Gear size: 1.45" Dia. x 1.30"L
Shaft size:
6mm (0.236”) Dia. x 0.715"L
Weight: 0.504 lbs. (8.05 oz.)
DC reversible motors
Solder type terminal
High torque construction
Oil bearing design for long service life
Insulation resistance: 20 MOhm
Dielectric Strength: 250VDC


 1,111 oz-in. (12VDC)


 6 RPM (12VDC)

Stall Torque is the torque which is produced by a motor when the output rotational speed is zero, it may also mean the torque load that causes the output rotational speed of a motor to become zero - ie to cause stalling.
Electric motors continue to provide torque when stalled. However, electric motors left in a stalled condition are prone to overheating and possible damage since the current flowing is maximum under these conditions.

Precision Motor Spec

If you are simply needing to operate your gearmotor from a switch, click on the picture of the switch (right).

DMSC6-16-10 small

Speed Controller

Digital Manual

The Digital Manual Speed Controller provides proportional forward and reverse control of your gearmotor. Simply supply 6-16V to the controller and plug in your gearmotor. The speed and direction are controlled by the knob.

Pulleys & Belts


Gearmotor Accessories

Click on the picture for further information.

Shaft Hubs

Mounting Screws

Motor Mounts

Power Supplies

Power Switch

275-709 1.7 small
Gearmotor with endcap 1.7


Gearmotor End Cap

Sprockets & Chain

Control Arms


Clamping and Set Screw Hubs - small
Clamp Motor Mount 1.7
418-TR1506 small image
Mega Servo Arm (single)
Mega Servo Arm (single)
Precision motor with channel - hub mount - pinion
wheel mechanism 4
555128 mount on precision gearmotor
gearmotor with tubing - channel - hub - quad mount 2
gearmotor driving gears on channel 3
Gearmotor and 90 channel bracket
Battery-Motor Extension small

Battery / Motor
Power Extensions

6 inch HD wheel with tubing - sprockets - chain 2
Precision Gearmotor - main
555128 mount on precision gearmotor 2
275-709 1.2

Don’t want to solder wires onto this gearmotor? Use
Female Crimp Terminals

605636 crimp terminals on precision motor

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Use our quick connect power input boards with this motor








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6 RPM Precision Gear Motor
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