Actobotics Channel Schematics with hole sizes1
Channel with sprockets and pulleys
Base Plate A with robotic structure
Wheeled robot

Overlapping hole patterns offer extreme versatility when designing and building structures.

By incorporating precision shafting and tubing, the indexed angles you can achieve are virtually unlimited.

Put your project in motion using Actobotics pulleys, belts, sprockets, chain and more!

ActoboticsTM Q&A
How do I know if a part is an Actobotics component? 
Actobotics components are denoted by an Actobotics logo at the top of the    product page. If the page does not have an Actobotics logo at the top, it can   most likely still be used with Actobotics parts, however, it is not an            Actobotics branded part. For compatibility questions, view the product        schematics or contact our technical team (
Can I see what projects others have created using Actobotics?
Yep! Check out our new Project Center for some ideas, or visit Instructables for some great projects that incorporate our parts. If you would like to submit a project that utilizes Actobotics parts please e-mail
How can I receive Actobotics product updates and project ideas?
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SPG400A-CM in channel (150px)

“Designed for industry, university, and advanced experimenters, Actobotics’ numerous beams, shafts, gears, bearings and other components are well designed for sensible interconnection to produce electromechanical prototypes and even finished products.
The ServoBlocks and servo gearboxes enhance standard servo performance providing robust mechanical motion to many designs.”

- Tom Carroll
Robotics Engineering Writer and Consultant

ActoboticsTM is...
Precise. Components utilize ball bearings, precision shafting, and tubing, resulting in a superior structure with tight tolerances and low friction.
Standardized sizing allows the use of non-Actobotics components including servos, motors, actuators,
and R/C vehicle components.
The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities.
The Actobotics product line consists of hundreds of individual components and continues to expand
at a rapid rate.
High grade aluminum and stainless steel components provide a rigid foundation.
Create mechanical motion using gears, sprockets, chains, belts and pulleys.
Easy for both the experienced engineer and novice hobbyist to design and build projects.

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Actobotics Camera Dolly Featured on Instructables - check it out!

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