Slider Kit with Phone Mount
Phone mount base on slider
Slider vertical with phone mount
Slider Kit full with GoPro Mount front
Threaded knob end of slider
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Channel Slider Kit A

Step #1 - video

Step #2 - video

Step #3 - video


Slider Assembly Video - Step #1
Slider Assembly Video - Step #2
Slider Assembly Video - Step #3

Step #4 - video

Slider Assembly Video - Step #4




Precision Gear Motor small

Compatible with:

3-12V ServoCity Gearmotor - thumbnail

Slider Kit Accessories

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Phone Mount A

GoPro Mount

Channel Sliders

Battery Trays

DMSC6-16-10 small
585518 kit - thumbnail
585578 - phone mount A - thumbnail (2)
Channel sliders group
Slider Kit with GoPro (backside)

Digital Speed Control

Motor end of slider

1” Bore Clamp Hub A

Tube Clamp A

Slider with no top attachment 2
585434 - small
545352 - 1 inch bore clamping hub - small
DMSC6-16-10 small

Put your videos in motion with the timing belt channel slider kit.  This slider has an overall length of 24” with a usable 19” of slide travel.  It fits nicely in a carry-on bag and is very portable for those who wish to take it along to capture their active lifestyles (overall weight of only 1.1 lbs without motor).  The motor mount is compatible with our 3-12V gearmotors and 6-12V precision gearmotors (motors sold separately).  The vast motor options allow you to tailor the slider to fit your shooting style whether it’s for real-time shots or super slow time-lapse shots.  The slider kit is constructed entirely of Actobotics components which allow users to expand it very easily. GoPro Mount and Phone Mount A not included.

Assembly: Assembly of the timing belt channel slider kit can be done with minimal tools (Phillips screwdriver, 3/32” allen driver, 7/64” allen driver).  Please check out our assembly tutorial videos below.

Recommended camera size: The slider kit is excellent for camera phones, GoPro cameras & small sized cameras.  For larger cameras such as a DSLR, we suggest replacing the stock channel slider plates with the Channel Slider A plates to provide greater lateral stability.

Weight: 1.1 lbs
(without motor)

Slider speed calculation: The following formula can be used to help select the correct speed of gearmotor.

6.3 / [(number of seconds for full travel at max speed/60]
For example, if you wish to build a slider that will move 19” in 30 seconds:
6.3 / [30/60] = 12.7 RPM motor required

Slider Kit A ships in kit form and includes all of the components shown above.
(motor sold separately)

Shown with Phone Mount A (not included)

Slider with no top attachment
Slider Kit with GoPro veritcal
585578 - phone mount A on silder (3)
1.50 pattern
770 pattern

Utilizes both the .770” and 1.50” hub patterns.

Shown with a GoPro Mount
(not included)

Use both vertically and horizontally!

Works great with our Digital Manual Speed Control
(sold separately)

12V Power Supply

SA-122A5W-206IP small
Hex Key Group 1.7

Assembly requires 3/32 & 7/64 hex keys.
(click here)

Get professional looking shots with your smartphone using our Phone Mount A (sold separately) attached to the Slider Kit.

The 1/4-20 knob at the end of the slider allows you to easily adjust the belt tension.

The slider offers 19” of slide travel!

(helps to mount GoPro)

(helps to mount Phone)

click here

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CheesyCam Video Review

Slider Kit A in use

click here


TECH TIP: To add yet another element to your video, you can install a pan system to the bottom of the Slider Kit A. The 170 degree viewing angle on a GoPro camera won’t allow you to install a pan system on top the slider rail as it would capture the rail throughout the majority of the video footage. By installing a pan system to the bottom side of the rail, you can capture footage without having to worry about the slider rail creeping into view.

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To make this kit compatible with a NEMA 17 stepper motor you will need the following items (sold separately):
(1) NEMA 17 Motor
(1) NEMA 17 Motor Mount
(1) 5mm to 1/4” Set Screw Shaft Coupler

Stepper Motor Mount on Motor - small

(1) 24” Aluminum Channel
(1) 585468 Flat Channel Bracket
(1) 585470 Dual Side Mounts (2 pack)
(2) 632106 1/4” x 6-32 Socket Head Cap Screws (25 pk)
(4) 1” x 6-32 Socket Head Cap Screws
(1) 545440 Hub Adaptor A
(1) 545380 3/8” Hub Spacer
(1) 545384 1/2” Hub Spacer
(1) 545360 90 Degree Quad Hub Mount C
(2) 545452 90 Degree Quad Hub Mount E
(1) 555128 Aluminum Motor Mount B
(2) 535150 1/4” Bore Pillow Block
(1) 633136 6-32 Tapped Standoffs (4 pk)

(1) 633104 1/4” Shafting and Tubing Spacers (12 pk)
(1) 535198 1/4” ID x 1/2” OD Flanged Ball Bearing
(1) 6432K12 1/4” Steel Set Screw Collar
(2) 615434 1/4” Bore Pinion Pulley 15T
(1) B375-460XL 46” Timing Belt
(1) 625106 1/4” to 6mm Set Screw Shaft Coupler
(1) 585502 XL Belt Mount A
(1) 634060 1/4” x 1.25” D-shaft
(1) 634066 1/4” x 1.75” D-shaft
(1) 585556 Channel Slider D (pair)
(1) 585574 Channel Feet A (pair)
(1) Acetyl carriage bolt plate
(1) 1/4-20 carriage bolt
(1) 1/4-20 knob

Video - click to play
Video - click to play
Video - click to play

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