Control System: +Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
Required Pulse: 3-5 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave
Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0 Volts
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +60 Degree C
Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.16sec/60 at no load
Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.13sec/60 at no load
Stall Torque (4.8V): 144 oz/in. (
Stall Torque (6.0V): 172 oz/in. (
Operating Angle: 45 Deg. one side pulse traveling 400usec
Continuous Rotation Modifiable: Yes
Direction: Clockwise/Pulse Traveling 1500 to 1900usec
Current Drain (4.8V): 5.3mA/idle and 400mA no load operating
Current Drain (6.0V): 6.6mA/idle and 500mA no load operating
Dead Band Width: 4usec
Motor Type: Coreless
Potentiometer Drive: Indirect Drive
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
Gear Type: 3 Metal Gears and 1 Resin Metal Gear
Connector Wire Length: 11.81" (300mm)
Dimensions: 1.55" x 0.78"x 1.48" (39.4 x 20 x 37.8mm)
Weight: 2.18oz. (62g)

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 172 oz-in.


 0.13 sec/60

The HS-985MG is quickly becoming a favorite of ours.  The power of this servo is great, especially considering the price. This is also one of our favorite servos to put in our ServoPower Gearbox. We offer this servo in several configurations, 90 stock rotation, 180 modified rotation, continuous rotation (potentiometer is left outside the servo case) and reverse rotation.

This servo can operate 180 when given a pulse signal ranging from 600usec to 2400usec. Since most R/C controllers cannot generate this wide of signal range, you will need to purchase our servo stretcher for 180 operation.

Servo Angle Schematic 180 3.8

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Uses C1 Standard Spline

C1 Hitec Spline2

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Continuous Rotation
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HS-985MG Super Torque
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