This reliable, 6 channel, value packed radio was created to replace the discontinued Focus 6. The Laser 6 FM is loaded with great features normally found on radios that cost much more! Features like Elevon/V-tail mixing, aileron and elevator dual rates, and ATV's on four channels! Transmitter, receiver and crystal are all sold separately. When ordering a receiver crystal, be sure that it matches the transmitter channel number.

• EPA (End Point Adjustment)
• Dual Rates on CH1 & Ch2
• Elevon Mixing
• V-tail Mixing on CH2 & CH4
• ATVs (Adjustable Travel Volume)
• Servo Reversing on all channels
• Analog Power Meter
• Trainer Switch & Connection


(1) Transmitter
(1) 9.6V, 600mah Tx Battery
(1) Tx/Rx Charger
(1) Manual

Laser 6 Transmitter Only


Sold out!

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Laser 6 FM Systems
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