The Optic 6 Sport 2.4GHz is Hitec's most affordable computer radio system. Featuring Hitec's 2.4GHz AFHSS pure digital technology for reduced latency, the Optic Sport has 10 model memories for your favorite glow and electric planes, gliders or helicopters. The easy to use Optic 6 Sport 2.4 offers sophisticated programming beyond any radio in its class.












(1) Transmitter
(1) Manual
(1) Wall charger
(1) 1300mAh NiCD Battery

Systems include:

Pre-mixed flight control functions -
The Optic 6 Sport 2.4 computer automatically mixes rudder and elevator outputs to control a V-tail or mixes aileron and elevator outputs to create elevons for tail-less flying wings, eliminating the need for on-board mixing systems. Other pre-mixes include an aileron-to-rudder mix so turns are automatically coordinated and an elevator-to-flap mix for snap-turns.

Model Memory -
The computer’s memory is capable of storing all the necessary trim settings and all the mixes and their nuances for each model (up to a total of 10 models can be registered in the Optic 6 Sport). The memory is non-volatile; that is, it won’t be lost even if the transmitters battery is discharged or even removed.

Sub-Trim Function -
This computerized radio allows you to easily fin-tine and coordinate the control surfaces (such as keeping a rudder centered or two ailerons-each on their own servo-moving the same amount) without having to physically readjust the linkages.

Open Mix Capability -
The Optic 6 Sport also features one “open-mix” in which you can choose any two channels to mix the servos master-to-slave, such as mixing the throttle with the elevator to counteract pitching or the throttle with the rudder to reduce yawing.

Buddy-Box Function -
For those learning to fly, the transmitter has a “buddy-box” capability so that you can use a trainer cord to connect your Optic 6 Sport to a second Hitec transmitter.
This allows one transmitter to be used by an instructor as the primary light control while the other is controlled by the student pilot. Releasing a button instantly diverts control from the student’s “slave” back to the master transmitter.

1300 mAh NiCD Battery

7.2V 1300mAh NiMH Battery small
Optic 6 Sport 2.4
Optic 6 Sport 2.4 included wall charger

Wall charger

Optic 6 Sport 2.4 manual

Optic 6 Sport Manual

Trainer Switch
optic 6 drawing

Advanced Features:

Optic 6 Sport 2.4 top

Trainer Switch (see “Buddy-Box Function in Advanced Features)

Standard Programming
10 Models Memory
Servo Reverse
Sub Trim
Exponential (ch.1, 2 & 4)
Dual Rates (ch.1, 2 & 4)
Data Reset
Model Select
Mode Change (Mode 1/2)
Shift Select
One P-Mix
Throttle Cut or Trainer
Three Flight Condition

HELI Programming
Swash Select
(120° CCPM/90° Mechanical)
Rudder-Throttle Mix
5 Point Throttle Curve
5 Point Pitch Curve
Throttle Hold
Revo Mix
Gyro Gain
1 Nor and 2 Idle-ups

ACRO Programming
Flaperon Mix
Elevon Mix
V-Tail Mix
Aileron-Rudder Mix
Elevator-Flap Mix
Camber or Reflex

Click here to download a PDF copy of the user manual.

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Optic 6 Sport 2.4GHz System
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