Input: 10-14VDC
Output: 10Amp Continuous Max.
Fuse: 10Amp
Peak Output: 10amps
Voltage Drop: .012V
Battery Eliminator Voltage:
Low Voltage Cutoff: 5V
Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.9” x .775"
Weight: 3.4 oz with wires

XL-1 Battery Plug

Tamiya Style Battery Connector for power input

Introducing the most precise electronic speed control on the market. Unlike most other speed controls , this unit pulses power to the motor at an extremely high frequency. By pulsing the voltage, ultra fine control can be achieved forward or reverse and even at very low speeds. If you are building a pan & tilt system or simply need the most precise control of your motor, this is the speed control you need. Handles 10-14VDC and plugs directly into our joystick or an R/C receiver. Works fantastic with all of our Gearmotors as well.

Works fantastic with our joystick

Small Hsiang Neng

Precisely control our gearmotors

Actuator Group 3.5

Control the speed of our linear actuators using this speed controller

Single Stick Joystick 2.5

Forward / Reverse Digital Electronic Speed Control

Speed Control hero shot
Precision Digital Speed Controller Diagram

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Precision Digital Speed Control
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