Joystick Mount
PT-2100 hanging side view
PT-2100 connectors through bearing
PT-2100 hanging upright
PT-2100 on jib
PT-2100 Motor Slide

Introducing the all new PT-2100 pan and tilt head. This precision system is designed to smoothly operate cameras up to 40 lbs even though the entire head only weighs 8.5 lbs. Dual ABEC-5 ball bearings support the hollow stainless steel shafts that allow video and power wires to be routed through the points of rotation. The system can operate in upright or hanging position. Control speed is fully proportional (variable) from 1/2° per second up to 20° per second.  Installing optional motors, range can go down to .05° per second up to 60° per second. Toothed Kevlar belts ensure minimal backlash, ultra quiet operation and have a lifetime warranty. Balancing your camera is done by simply loosening the belt on the corresponding axis and adjusting the camera position. The PT-2100 is precisely controlled by a new digital joystick controller.  The two channel controller is fully proportional and the maximum speed of each axis can be limited by the min/max knobs for the ultra-slow shots.  Setup is quick and easy as the controller links to the pan and tilt head with a single CAT6 cable and is powered by a 12V power supply.  The system ships as a ready-to-run unit that includes a pan & tilt head, joystick control, 25 foot CAT6 cable, and 12V power supply. Camera shown in images not included. Manufactured in the USA. (Patents Pending)

• Adjustable Framework
• Stainless Steel Hollow Shafts
• 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction (Anodized)
• Kevlar Belt Drive
• Expandable Controller
• Ultra Precision Gearmotors
• 12 Volt Operation
• RTR (Ready to Run) out of the box

• Pan & Tilt System
• Joystick Controller
• 25ft CAT6 Cable
• 12V DC Power Supply (120-220AC)
• Adjustment Tool

Fully adjustable motor mounts

Belt drive for smooth operation

Videos of the PT-2100 in action

The PT-2100 has quickly become the pan & tilt to use on multiple movie sets, music videos, television programs, and news outlets. 

Video 1 - Exterior motions

Video 3 - Point of view (POV) shot by Harpa, Inc.







Video 2 - Using a PT-2100 to video a Ford GT40

PT-2100 with roll angle 5

To add the roll option, click here

Video 4 - PT-2100 with Roll Attachment

Open Loop - Click here to learn more

Click here to visit the PT-2100 Accessories home page.

MPT1100-SS Joystick Control

The included 1” bar clamp allows you to easily attach the joystick controller to the weight bar of a jib crane.

New lower price! Was $1499.99

PT-2100 Accessories

Click on the picture for further information.



Pulleys & Belts


Wireless Contoller

Roll Attachment

Power Accessories

PT-2100 with roll 1.7
Shafting Group
1 inch Bore Hub Pulleys small
DSCN7712 small

Precision Motor Mount

Precision Motor Mount
Aluminum End Cap Mount Small
12v Switching Power Supply small

Precision Gearmotors

Precision Gear Motor small

Are you adding the roll attachment or do you need to control additional gearmotors? Click here.

Auxiliary Joystick Control
(sold separately)

Aux controller - small

This controller is to be used in conjunction with the Joystick Controller (main controller) that comes with the PT-2100. The auxiliary controller simply plugs into the main controller via the provided 3’ CAT6 cable and allows the user to proportionally control 2 additional gearmotors.

PT-2100 hanging 2
PT-2100 belt
PT-2100 bearing view
PT-2100 hanging top down view
PT-2100 jib mount
PT-2100 motor mount
PT-2100 wiring

Extremely rigid Platform

The PT-2100 can smoothly rotate your camera 360°

A 25’ CAT6 cable is included with the PT-2100 system. To purchase additional CAT6 cable lengths click here.

CAT6 Cable small
Jib mount (JM-2100) thumbnail

Jib Mount

Base Mount

Jib mount (JM-2100) thumbnail
BM-2100 base mount (thumbnail)

Jib Mounting Kit
click here

Base Mount Kit
click here

BM-2100 base mount (thumbnail)

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PT-2100 Pan &Tilt System
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