ServoBlocksTM work in conjunction with our new aluminum channel.

ServoBlocks - Plain Shaft structure Futaba
Quarter Scale ServoBlocks - (plain shaft) with tubing
Quarter Scale ServoBlocks - (plain shaft) ball bearing
Quarter Scale ServoBlocks (plain shaft)
Quarter Scale ServoBlocks - side (plain shaft)
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Kit Includes:
(1) Servo Plate
(1) Ball Bearing Plate
(1) Plain Servo Shaft (.500”)
(2) Hub Plates
(12) 6-32 Screws

Weight (no servo): 1.55 oz

Servo Plate

Plain Servo Shaft

6-32 Screws

Hub Plate
(0.770” pattern)

Introducing our new patented Quarter Scale ServoBlocks™!  ServoBlocks™ increase a servo’s load-bearing capabilities by helping to isolate the lateral load from the servo spline and case. The extreme versatility of ServoBlocks™ allow users to create complex, extremely rigid, structures with ease using standard Hitec servos. The ½” aluminum hub shaft provides multiple mounting options using 6-32 screws. The robust 6061 T-6 aluminum framework acts as a servo exoskeleton, greatly enhancing the mechanical loads the servo can withstand.  ServoCity’s new .770” hub pattern is repeated throughout the framework to allow endless attachment options.  The new Quarter Scale ServoBlocks™ are compatible with the following Hitec servos: HS-755MG, HS-755HB, HS-765HB, HS-785HB. When used with a Hitec HS-785HB servo, the user can achieve 3.5 rotations without any modification. The kit ships unassembled and the servo is not included. ServoBlocks™ are a must have for any project that demands the most out of your servo! Servo not included. Patented.

Ball-bearing supported output shaft.

Hitec ServoBlocks Kit


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Ball Bearing

Shown with a
Tube Clamping Hub (.770”) and 0.5” Hollow Aluminum Tubing

785 Servoblock Schematics shaft
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ServoBlocksTM utilize a
0.770” hub pattern.

770 pattern
channel on ServoBlockTM

Using a 0.770” clamping hub (not included) on the ½” aluminum servo shaft provides an easy way to adjust the position of the component attached to the ServoBlock.

This product (#637120) was previously SB616SH.

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Quarter Scale ServoBlocks (Plain Shaft)
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