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The 8-Servo Controller Board is the smoothest and easiest servo controller board to use on the market.

Control servos from a PC or Micro Controller!

Control Eight Servos via Computer or integrate them into your current control system.
The RobotZone Eight Servo Controller Board allows you to control up to eight hobby servos using either a computer (via a standard serial connector) or a microcontroller (by removing the included serial cable and replacing it with a signal wire from your microcontroller board). Perfect for running automated routines in robots, animatronics or whatever you can dream up.

Smooth Sequential Action
Due to a proprietary method of stepping each servo from a start point to an end point before moving on to the next servo, the Robotzone 8-Servo Controller Board is much smoother than other sequential servo controllers. The optional software was written specifically to take advantage of this stepping method in order to produce a smooth motion from start to finish.

Small Size
Many servo controllers attach the connectors directly to the board making the board much larger than necessary.

Power Source
All that is needed to control your servos and the board is a 6V-7.2V battery or regulated power supply (1.5amp minimum). There are two places for input power: (only one needs to be used) a solder pad if you would like to solder in your own wires/connector or a pin connector for standard R/C style receiver battery pack plugs.

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Software And Programming
In addition to building our own hardware, we have written our own software to take full advantage of the hardware features. Simple to install and use, the 8-Servo Controller Software will run on any Windows-based PC with a serial port. Click here for more information.






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Servo Controller w/ hardware








Software Includes:
1) Software CD Disk
1) Software Manual

The 8 Servo Controller Board can communicate with any host that has a serial port interface. The format is 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (9600,n,8,1)

The board does not have an RS232 to TTL converter, however that is good because you can communicate with other systems by simple inverted TTL logic. The PIC processor can handle standard RS232 levels directly with only the use of 22K current limiter on the Rx pin.

You must send the chip 3 data bytes: sync byte, motor/servo number, and motor position
Sync Byte: always 255
Motor/Servo Number: 0 through 7
Motor Position: 1 through 254

You can use C / C++ of whatever you want to write the host program on a PC as long as your application uses the communication settings and protocol described above. For example, in Visual Basic, just use the MSComm object, open the serial port with the above settings and send the 3 byte command sequence - simple as that.

If you have any questions please email

8-Servo Controller Accessories

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6V Power Supply

8-SCB with cord
8-SCB schematics

Note: Only one battery or regulated power supply is needed for operation. The single power source will operate the servos and the controller electronics. The solder pads are for connecting your own battery plug or connector. If using a power supply, you must use a regulated unit and one that can supply enough current for the servos you choose.

Power Adaptor






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8-SCB USB to Serial Port Adaptor

USB to Serial Port Adaptor

- USB to RS232 (9-pin male) Cable
- Plug and Play Installation
- Full Compliance with the USB 1.1
- 2.5 feet long
- CD Driver Included
- Compatible with: Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP Systems

8-SCB attached1

180 Jumper Pin
When you attach the
180 jumper pin, you now have the ability to run analog servos a full 180 total (90 each way from neutral position). If you are already using servos set for 180 or the servos are not mechanically able to rotate 180, you must not put in this jumper pin or you risk damaging the servo internals. 

12v Switching Power Supply small
Power Supply to Receiver Adaptor 1.7 2

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