All servos will rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. The direction the servo rotates all depends on the signal the servo is receiving. Futaba and Hitec are different from one another in regards to direction of rotation right out of the box. If you plug in a Hitec servo into your radio control receiver or servo controller and you tell the servo to turn to the right, it will move to the right, if you then plug a Futaba servo into the same receiver or servo controller and tell it to go the same direction as the Hitec servo did, it will move the opposite direction. This is an easy fix with most radio control units since they have a servo reversing function on the transmitter. If you are using a servo controller though and are mixing Hitec and Futaba servos it may cause a problem. This problem can easily be fixed but not as easy as flipping a switch on a transmitter. This is why under the “specification” section for each servo we list the direction of rotation as either clockwise or counter clockwise.

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