ServoCity® / Actobotics® Scholarship Program:

Last year we expanded our Scholarship Program offering two scholarships ($500 each) to high school seniors involved in either STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) or the Radio Control hobby! Read more about the 2015 recipients below. We are excited to continue offering two scholarships to the class of 2016. This year, we’re again offering an RC scholarship, but the STEM scholarship will be specific to students involved in the FIRST® Robotics Organization. If you are an eligible student, be sure to submit your application by the April 16, 2016 deadline. If you are a teacher, parent, or mentor make sure to share this opportunity for your student to earn free money for school!

What are the Scholarship Requirements?

How to Apply:
If you are a high school senior with at least a 3.00 GPA, you may apply by completing the online application (above link) by the April 16th deadline. ServoCity only accepts online applications. Mailed applications will not be reviewed.
How Can the Scholarship be Used:
The Scholar has one year to use his/her full award. In addition to using funds for tuition at an accredited college or university, Scholars may also use their funds for other educational expenses, such as on-campus housing and textbooks.
- The applicant must be a high school (or home school) senior
- Anticipating high school diploma at time of application
- Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited post secondary institution
- Earning a minimum 3.00 GPA
- U.S. Citizenship
Hints for a Successful Application:
We offer you the following words of advice to consider while completing your application.
- Do not use abbreviations or slang in your answers
- Proofread your answers
- Use the essays to tell the rest of the story that other questions do not ask. Talk about your responsibilities and actions where possible.
- Choose a reference that will be able to answer questions about you from a personal and academic perspective.

2015 Scholarship Winners
Please join us in congratulating the 2015 ServoCity Scholarship recipients! The decision was difficult, but we’re excited to award Nicholas and Jude for their hard work and achievements. We can't wait to see the amazing work all of the scholarship applicants will accomplish!


$500 R/C Scholarship Recipient - Nicholas Rehm

Hometown: La Plata, MD
Planning to attend: Univ. of Maryland
Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering
Extracurricular: Student Government, National Technical Honors Society, MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement)

$500 STEM Scholarship Recipient - Jude Sauve

Name: Jude Sauve
Hometown: Andover, MN
Planning to attend: University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering and Physics
Extracurricular: First Robotics Team (FRC), Boy Scouts, Math League.

In 1000 words or less explain how the RC hobby has been a positive factor in your life:
This hobby has helped me in countless ways. Over the years, I've taught myself all about electronics, from current draw of electric motors to how circuits work in general. I've had to teach myself how to solder properly and have become a master at it, among other skills such as sculpting, programming, or the art of flying. All of these have impacted my life in the most positive ways possible and have leaked into other aspects of my life. For example, the craftsmanship skills that I've learned from this hobby have inspired me apply them to my passion for music by creating my own guitar from scratch as well as a few guitar effects pedals. Aeromodeling has also peaked my interest in photography because of how the two can be merged together for amazing results. Aerial photography intrigues me very much, and therefore has led me to learn far more about cameras and photography than I ever thought possible. In school, the skills that I've acquired through aeromodeling have also significantly helped me. Not only have they helped me excel in all of my engineering classes because of how I am able to seamlessly carry out the design process, but they have also led me to success in many science fair competitions. My most recent project was on the effect of the Kline-Fogleman airfoil on the thrust of a propeller. This project earned me special recognition at a county level from Wyle Aerospace, in which they awarded me their outstanding aerospace cash award. 
By far the most important way this hobby has shaped me, however, is how it has guided me to where I am now. Before learning how to build and fly my own models, I had no idea where I as going to go with my life. Now, I'm getting ready to go off to college for aerospace engineering and am ready to pursue a career that enables me to do what I love to make and study things that fly. I couldn't be happier with my ambitious life path that aeromodeling has led me towards.

Explain what motivates you to pursue a STEM degree? What are your educational goals and your long-term professional goals. How do you see yourself using your STEM knowledge in the future?
I didn’t fully appreciate science or chemistry kits when I was younger. They were never adequate, never let me learn and create the awesome things I knew could be possible. I looked at books about how chemistry did what it did and why it did what it did, but they never explained or let me apply what I was learning. This or that is said of chemistry and electricity, but how I wondered, could I use that? What are the rules that would allow me to make something new? 
Much has changed since then: I learned of the wonders of quantum mechanics and physics, led a FIRST robotics team, and I’m just beginning to experiment with my own robotics at home. Yet in all of this, I still want to explore, to discover more and create something new. I want to spend my life, my career, learning these rules of science and math and creating something new and ingenious. 
My educational goals right now are to double major in physics and mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I am tentatively looking at acquiring a masters in physics. In the short term, I plan to participate in the UMNs Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and complete internships to learn more about the field and better guide my education. While in college I will get my CAPM certification and afterwards I plan to get a PMP certification.
In the future, I want to create. I will lead a research/development team to create new, great, and ingenious products, machines, and results with my team. More importantly, in the long term I want to use what I learn to teach kids about robotics, chemistry, physics, engineering, and more. I will mentor kids in teams such as FIRST robotics.

Honorable Mentions include:
- John Stegnan
- Connor Lindsey
- Jake Boring
- Daniel Perez
- Andrew Ritschel

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