FUTM4150 Servo Reverser
FUTM4150 included TX screwdriver

Accessory mini screwdriver for trimmer adjustment included.

The SR10 Servo Reverser uses a one-channel output to drive two servos, and is used in models that require one servo to operate in reverse. Since two servos can be simultaneously driven, the affect of the servo operation delay can be minimized compared to using the transmitter mixing function to use two channels to drive two servos. Transmitters without mixing functions can also be used. Use of a precision power supply and temperature compensation circuit makes circuit operation stable. The SR10 trimmer allows neutral adjustment of the reverse servo and simplifies the linkage. Filter reduces interference with the receiver antenna. The SR10 Servo reverser measures 38 x 23 x 10mm (excluding projecting parts and connection cord) and weighs 24 grams.

FUTM4150 Servo Reverser diagram

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SR10 Servo Reverser
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