Stacker - left sie
Stacker - back right view
Stacker - top right view
Stacker - stacking cans
Stacker - stacking cans 3
Stacker - stacking cans 2
Stacker - picking up can
Stacker - front view
Stacker - gripper up close
Stacker - front attachment plate 2
Stacker - front attachment plate 1
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-Machined from extremely durable 1/4” ABS plastic
-Customizable framework to accommodate various attachments
-R/C or autonomous control*
-Large electronics compartment
-Omni-directional movement
-Additional front mounting plate available (see below)
-Lifts objects 11.5” when fully extended
-Stainless steel castor
-3” drive wheels
*Add your own sensors for autonomous control.

Servos and radio system sold separately (see bottom of page)

There are additional items needed to complete your kit.
If you do not already have the items below, you will need to purchase these items seperately.

HSR-1425CR or HSR-2654CR (Wheels)

Tactic X410

HS-785HB (Lift Arm)*

HS-425BB (Gripper)

(1) Radio System

(1) Lift Arm Servo*

(1) Gripper Servo

(2) Wheel Servos

For best performance, we recommend the following items:

HS-785HB small
HSR-1425CR Servo 1.7

-Weight: 3 pounds (including servos)
-Gripper Spread: 4.25”
-Reach: Lifts objects 11.5” when fully extended
-Dimensions: 9.75” H x 7.75” W x 10.25” D

(Or similar 4 ch. radio system)

(Or any other standard size Hitec servo)

(Or any other standard size servo modified for continuous rotation)

If you are unsure whether an item that you already have will work with the Stacker Robot Kit, please e-mail or call 620-221-0123.

*This servo is specific because of its ability to rotate 3.5 turns. You must have a HS-785HB servo to complete your kit.

Great for educational applications!

Stacker Hub Plate








On the right, our Hub Mounting Plate is shown in place of the grippers. Made from 1/4” ABS, this plate is easily modifiable for custom attachments. Pictured with ServoCity’s (.770”) Clamping Hub and 1/2” Hollow Tubing.

Hub Mounting Plate

4.25” Gripper Spread

Made of durable 1/4” ABS plastic.

Can lift objects 11.5” when fully extended.

Large electronics compartment for battery and receiver storage.

3” drive wheels

Test your stacking skills! Even better, make it a competition between your students, family or colleagues!

Introducing the Stacker Robot Kit from ServoCity! This kit is great for both classroom applications and individual robotics enthusiasts. The Stacker wheeled robot kit is machined from 1/4” ABS plastic for strength and durability. The ABS framework also allows for easy drilling to accommodate custom attachments such as cameras, sensors, etc. The framework provides a large electronics compartment that stores the receiver, battery, and any additional added electronics. With 3” drive wheels and omni-directional movement, the Stacker travels well and is easy to maneuver. The Stacker Robot comes in kit form with assembly instructions, a parts list, and a 1:1 scale hardware key for easy assembly. The servos and radio control system are not included with the kit, and must be purchased separately. See the bottom of this page for ServoCity’s recommendations. Patented.

HS-425BB medium

Click here to watch a video of our Stacker Robot Kits in action!

*Battery not included. The Stacker will run on any 4.8 ~ 6.0V battery pack. If you are purchasing the Tactic radio system, a 4-cell battery tray is included with the system.


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Front Mounting Plate
Video - click to play

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