BD610 Belt Drive schematics

To 12VDC Power Supply or Battery Pack

Digital Manual Speed Controller (sold separately)

Wires to Gearmotor


This system is compatible with: 
3-12V Standard Gearmotors
 6-12VDC Precision Gearmotors

Gearmotor not included.




Precision Gear Motor small

Introducing the all new Super Duty Belt Drive Pan System. This system offers a simple way to reduce the speed and increase the torque of a gearmotor. This pan system offers a 6:1 reduction through the XL series timing pulleys and timing belt. The all aluminum framework is able to handle up to 40lbs with ease. Dual ABEC-5 ball bearings support the 1” OD hollow stainless steel shaft which allows wires and cables to be routed through the axis of rotation. The toothed Kevlar belt ensures minimal backlash and isolates noise transmitted from the gearmotor. The Super Duty Belt Drive Pan System is compatible with our 3-12V Standard Gearmotors and our 6-12VDC Precision Gearmotors. This system comes fully assembled without the gearmotor. Motor sold seperately.

Kit includes:
(1) Aluminum Frame w/ Ball Bearings
(1) 1” x 3.75” Hollow Stainless Steel Shaft
(1) 60 Tooth XL Series Timing Pulley
(1) 10 Tooth XL Series Timing Pulley (6mm)
(1) 150XL 3/8” Width Kevlar Timing Belt
(2) 1” ID Shim Washers
(1) 1” ID Clamping Hub
(1) 1” ID Clamping Collar

Speed Reduction Example:
6 RPM Gearmotor / 6:1 Reduction Ratio = 1 RPM Final Speed

For ultimate control of this system, we suggest our Dual Servo Driver and our Precision Digital Speed Controller. Together you can precisely vary the rotational speed of the system both forward and reverse by simply rotating the control knob. See example setup below. Since the Dual Servo Driver has two control knobs, you can operate two precision speed controllers with one Dual Servo Driver. This works great for time-lapse photography setups.

1/4-20 Tapped Holes

Open Loop - Click here to learn more

Weight (no gearmotor): 36.6 oz

This pan system kit includes the items shown in the image above. The system ships mostly assembled, with only the pulley and belt requiring assembly once the gearmotor is mounted. 
Gearmotor not included.

This system is compatible with: 
3-12V Standard Gearmotors
 6-12VDC Precision Gearmotors

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SG906A - 6 inch diameter round gearbox arm (1 inch bore) - small

Compatible with our SG906A 6” Round ABS Arm. This arm works great for a spinning platform.

Precision Gear Motor small

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Super Duty Belt Drive Pan System
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