The wireless R/C controller allows you to proportionally vary the speed of your gearmotor both forward and reverse when coupled with the digital speed controller. When the stick is in the middle position the motor with be at rest. The further you push the stick from the center position, the faster the gearmotor will rotate in the corresponding direction. When the stick is released, it will return to the center position and the gearmotor will be at rest once again.

When 7.2V to 12V is supplied to the speed controller, it will supply 5VDC to the R/C receiver via the twisted wire, therefore a separate power source is not needed for the receiver. The wireless R/C can control up to four digital speed controllers.

Gearmotor Control Options1
4YF Transmitter 2.4GHz Tx front 1.5
R2004GF Rx 1.5



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