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JR Super-Duty Servo Arms

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These horns have the standard JR spline so they will fit all standard spline JR servos.

Package includes:

• 2 Super Heavy Duty Double Arm
• 2 Super Heavy Duty Extra-Long Arms
• 2 Super Heavy Duty Long Arms
• 2 Super Heavy Duty Short Arms 



Short -
Mounting Holes at: 12, 15, & 18mm
Total Length: 23mm
Medium -
Mounting Holes at: 15, 19, 22, & 25mm
Total Length: 30mm
Long -
Mounting Holes at: 23, 25, 28, & 32mm
Total Length: 36mm
Dual -
Mounting Holes at: 15, 19, 23, & 26mm
Total Length: 56mm 

Product Weight .8 oz
Material Plastic
Spline Size Standard

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