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Spur Gear Motors with Encoders

    5200 Series Gear Motors are a higher torque alternative to our popular Precision Spur Gear Motors.  These motors come equipped with relative quadrature encoders for closed feedback loop speed control or position control applications. You can also just supply power to the motor wires for more simple builds that only require speed control. (Not FTC Competition legal.)

    Spur Gear Motors with Encoders
    SKUSpeed (No Load)*Torque (Stall)*Gear RatioPriceWishlistPurchase
    5200-0002-0026317 rpm510 oz-in25.83:1 Add to Wishlist
    5200-0002-0053153 rpm1,000 oz-in52.95:1 Add to Wishlist
    5200-0002-010776 rpm2,000 oz-in106.95:1 Add to Wishlist
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