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NeveRest 20 Gear Motor

  • Discontinued
  • shown attached to 6mm set screw hub
  • shown attached to 6mm clamping hub
  • shown attached to 37mm Clamping Swivel Motor Mount (555136)
  • shown attached to Aluminum Motor Mount D (555132)
  • shown attached to 37mm Bore Bottom Tapped Clamping Mount (555116)
  • shown attached to Aluminum Motor Mount E (555188)
  • shown attached to 6mm Bore 32P Shaft Mount Pinion Gear
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This product has been discontinued by AndyMark.  The NeveRest 20 is a gear motor with an attached encoder. The output shaft geometry and the gearbox housing diameter is similar to what FTC teams are familiar with. The shaft is 6mm dia and the gearbox housing is 37mm in diameter.

This gear motor rotates in the opposite direction as the NeveRest 40 and NeveRest 60. This means that the encoder counts will be in the opposite direction.

The power cable which feeds into the black encoder housing has two powerpole connectors already crimped to the end of the cable.

FTC Legality:
According to the FIRST Tech Challenge Game Manual Part 1, Rule RE09 this is legal for the 2016-2017 FTC Game.

Encoder cables are not included with this motor. There is an encoder mounted to the back side of this motor. It is a 7 pulse per revolution (ppr), hall effect encoder. Since the motor's gearbox has a 20:1 reduction, then the NeverRest 20 output shaft provides 140 ppr.


Physical Specs:

  • Overall Length: 131.6mm (5.18 in)
  • Maximum Diameter: 37mm (1.46 in)
  • Mounting Holes: M3 tapped holes, qty. 6, on a 31mm bolt circle
  • Electrical Connection Geometry: 6-pin connector for motor power and encoder contact
  • Body Material: Steel with plastic encoder housing
  • Lubrication: Included with gearbox
  • Shaft Hardness: 45-50 Rockwell C 

Theoretical Performance Specs:

  • No Load Free Speed, at gearbox output shaft: 275-315 RPM
  • Gearbox Output Power: 14W
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Speed (No Load)* at gearbox output shaft: 275-315 rpm
Current (Stall)* 11.5A
Torque (Stall)* 350 oz-in
Gear Ratio 20:1
Gear Material Steel
Gearbox Style Spur
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Diameter 6mm with 0.5mm deep flat
Output Shaft Style D-Shaft
Output Shaft Support Bushing
Electrical Connection Power Poles for motor, 4 pin connector for encoder
Wire Length 19.5"
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Mounting Screw Size M3 x 0.5mm thread
Product Weight 11.968 oz
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 7
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 140
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 28
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 560


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