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NeveRest Orbital 20 Gear Motor

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This product has been discontinued on ServoCity.

The AndyMark Orbital 20 motor is a popular motor option within FIRST Tech Challenge.  The motor has been coupled to a planetary gearbox which is a more robust alternative to the spur gearboxes that used to be the norm within FTC.  The output shaft of this motor is a 6mm D-Shaft which is directly compatible with our line of D-Bore hubs in order to create a positive drive with little chance of slipping in the heat of competition.  

According to the FIRST Tech Challenge Game Manual Part 1, Rule RE09, this is legal for the 2018 FTC Game.


NeveRest Orbital 20

*At Nominal Voltage

Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Speed (No Load)* 340 RPM
Current (Stall)* 11.5A
Torque (Stall)* 175 oz-in
Gear Ratio 20:1
Gear Material Metal
Gearbox Style Planetary
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Diameter 6mm
Output Shaft Style D-Shaft
Output Shaft Support Bushing
Electrical Connection Motor: Anderson Power Poles, Encoder: 4-Pos JST XH
Wire Length 19.5"
Wire Gauge 18AWG
Product Weight 28.25oz (800.87)
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 7
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 134.4
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 537.6

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