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NiMH Battery (12V, 5000mAh, XT30 Connector [MH-FC], 12-1)

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This 12V, 5000mah battery is comprised of 10 sub-C cells, wired in series.  The cells are nested together to save space and create a tight form-factor.  The XT30 connector is compact enough to fit through a ½” hole, as found throughout the Actobotics channel, while still being able to reliably flow a continuous 30A.


NiMH Battery (12V, 5000mAh, XT30 Connector [MH-FC], 12-1)

Product Weight 25oz (709g)
Chemical Makeup NiMH
Capacity 5,000 mAh
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Connection Style XT30 Connector [MH-FC]
Wire Gauge 16 AWG
Cell Size Sub-C

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