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Actobotics 48" Channel Slider

By Michael Mikkelson |

In 2014, I built the's Actobotics channel slider for use with time lapse photography.

Recently, ServoCity added some longer channel lengths to their inventory, including a 36" and 48" channel. When I built the original slider, the kit came with 24" channel from Actobotics. I thought why not try and build a slider using the longer channel, and play with some different gear motors. FYI, the easiest way to accomplish this would be to purchase the slider kit, and then buy the longer channel and belt to go with it. I chose to buy all of the parts separately. I am waiting on the the relay switch to be delivered so that I can wire the slider to automagically go back and forth, so for now, has to manually be set. Since this is a continuous motion slider, I'll use it with either my Sony NEX-5 mirrorless camera, or with a GoPro as shown.

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