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WB0OEW's Autonomous Satellite Tracker

By Devin Ganger |

For phase 1, I will be following the article in QEX/AMSAT Journal (also published on the web as to develop a self-contained Arduino-driven satellite tracker for a low-weight hand held ham antenna. Using a rig like this makes it much easier to follow a satellite during its pass and use it to relay signals with hams over the sight horizon.

Once I have this built as published, I then intend to swap out the Arduino controller used by the original author and work on adapating the circuits to a Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows 10 Internet of Things edition. The goal is to develop a self-contained (including touch screen) antenna controller/satellite tracker unit that can automatically download the current satellite Keplerian elements on its own.


Devin Ganger (WA7DLG)

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