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Screen Tapping Robot Arm

By Master Ginger |

I built a robot capable of tapping any capacitive screens (e.g. iPhone screen).

I used two NEMA 17 stepper motors to control X-axis and Y-axis movement. After I tried several approaches to convert rotary motion to linear motion, including lead screw, timing pulley and gear rack. The solution I eventually used was based on lead screw (for X-axis) and pinion pulley (for Y-axis).

The click motion was delivered by a standard servo attached to another pinion pulley.

To increase the stability of the movement on X-axis (based on lead screw), I used a shaft with linear ball bearing. For Y-axis movement, I used channel sliders to hold the click component.

The entire structure was driven by Raspberry Pi 3 with RPi.GPIO installed. The stepper motors were driven by A4988 stepper motor controllers. I didn't use a servo motor controller because there was only one servo in the structure so I directly connected the servo to Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.

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