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Brian - remote control car

By Richard McNamara |

This is my first project for anything.
It is a crude remote controll car. My intension is to learn about microchip programming, electronics and robotics. I started out with an arduino and learning about the basics of MCU programming and then got hocked on transceivers and motor control.

I did some protyping first with the nRF24L01 modules and the motor shield and then got into actobotics. I did have lots of fun when I was a kid playing with Meccano and Fischer-Technik. These both still exist but now I'm into the more advanced and bigger robotics.

I have lots of plans to extend and enhance my vehicle but first I though I should get it out there and share my learnings and designs with others.

A big thanks to all those before me who have submitted projects and shared their learnings of the electronics world and MCU's.

The RC car:
It is by far not anywhere near a fast and responsive vehicle. I'm having fun experimenting and certainly have a lot more to learn about engineering. The vehicle is 100 percent actobotics, a couple of arduino's and a small amount of custom electronics.

The steering system is a simple rack system with a 12v DC motor. The back wheels are driven by a simple gear system with a 12v DC motor.

The radio control is a couple of potentiometers conntected to an arduino and an nRF24L01 and my custom c code written using the arduino IDE. The 2 pots are turn left/right and forward/reverse.

The receiver on the car is an arduino with an nRF24L01 and a Motor controller with my customer c code written using the arduino IDE.

Both arduinos have a 9v battery and the motor controller has a 12v battery pack for the motors.


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