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Crawlspace inspection bot

By Nathan Olmsted |

I have a friend in the construction business and he asked me to build him  an RC FPV rig for crawlspace inspections. I used an axial scx10ii as the base of the build and added fpv gear on top and made an ABS shell to protect the guts and give it a cleaner look. The stock steering servo was weak-sauce so I grabbed a Hitec 7954sh to replace it. Waaay better. I also used a set of 5485hb's for the pan/tilt control for the camera. Tried to upload a running video but it doeant appear to be compatible or something. Rig worked great! But for a V2 I'd like to use the Prowler platform, roboclaw and a few servo blocks to create a more impressive piece of equipment instead of a hobby toy with a camera stuck on top

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    Buff HiTec servo for steering the rig
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    2 cheaper hitecs for pan/tilt camera control

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